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I'm an Esthetician & Alchemist with a passion for illuminating natural beauty and vitality. With over 22 years experience in the spa industry, I know that healthy, vibrant skin is an internal and external experience. My approach to skin care is rooted in kindness, natural intelligence, and a desire to help others create a healthy, happy relationship with their skin.

luminous beauty was birthed in 2013. I was at a crossroads. I had, for the last 5 years, taken a break from the spa industry and was working at an emotionally intense desk job. When I finally had the courage to leave that job I went back to the esthetics practice I had loved for so long. But the work wasn't satisfying like I remembered. I was emotionally exhausted and needed to find a way to reconnect to myself and my passions.

It was then that I made a choice. To stop, breathe, and listen to the guidance of three different spiritual teachers who had, over the past 5 years, told me to create skincare products. I knew I had a strong foundation from working extensively with holistic skincare lines and essential oils for the past 20 years. I've also got a natural capacity to mix things together and create yumminess. I decided to dive in.

I knew I wanted to create a skincare line that was effective, free of toxic ingredients and provided nourishment for both the skin and spirit. Hours of research, experimentation, and learning ensued.

Clients and friends easily fell in love with the first products. They quickly demanded more variety in order to meet their skin care needs and I, being a product junkie, needed more products to satisfy my own skin care habits. The result is the product line you see here.

The luminous beauty and I continue to evolve as seasons pass and as the world around us grows and changes. I'm looking forward to seeing how we grow skincare, like nature, must be adaptive in order to be effective and thrive.

In 2017 I opened a production studio locally in Santa Fe, NM. I've also returned to my esthetics practice - it has been a heart opening and healing experience. I give thanks every day that I am able to love the work I do. Creating and sharing new products, helping people feel good about their skin brings me great happiness and joy. THANK YOU for sharing in it with me.

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                                                                                            Upma Kaur ~ Creator