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"Your body is a temple, you will be blessed as you care for it."                        Anonymous


Whole food for your skin

I believe in feeding the skin & spirit.  You can think of your products like food for your skin.  I choose organic and wildcrafted* ingredients whenever possible. luminous beauty is picky about the preservative systems we use. Our skincare products are meant to be used, not kept on a shelf.  luminous beauty's preservative systems are designed to keep your products fresh but not indefinitely; preservatives with that sort of capacity are not something we are willing to put on our skin and in our bodies.  Product use is something we've kept in mind when determining product size/ volume and how to preserve.  Average shelf life is 6 months to 1 year depending on  individual use/environment and product type.  

When applying your products always use clean hands. Store products in a dry and cool place.


We’re Different!

Due to the organic, whole food nature of our products and the ever changing availability of botanical & organic ingredients, color, texture, and specific ingredients may vary slightly with each production.  If you have a specific allergy it's wise to check the current active ingredients before purchasing. 


Keep out of extreme heat

Your products can and will melt, or become compromised at high temperatures (i.e. in your car on a hot day). Although products will typically remain usable, texture may vary & therapeutic aspects may be compromised.  


Less = More

luminous beauty products are  concentrated & nutrient rich.  When using start with smaller amounts, then explore the right amount for you and your skin.  Hint: it may vary - especially from season to season.


Miron Glas Technology

Miron Violet Glass is a small manufacturer in Switzerland which through generations of research has developed very special containers, uniquely formulated to preserve and enhance the vitality of organic goods stored within. 

Miron Glass was first developed as a container for a line of energetic medicines in Cypress. The glass was chosen because violet light shows the highest vibration frequency (720 – 770 billion Hertz) of all colors, corresponding exactly to the vibration frequency of our central nervous system.

Visible light (sunlight) enables all plants to grow.  If they continue to be exposed to light after reaching maturity, the effect of the light changes and  actually accelerates the molecular decaying process. Miron Violet Glass works like a natural filter.  It blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part.  Light also contains a part which is invisible to our eyes, this spectrum includes infra-red and UV-A rays.  The combination of UV-A , infra-red, and violet spectrum light that is able to pass through miron glass works to  protect and improve the quality of premium organic substances. 

Laboratory testing and validation has found remedies stored in miron glass will not only be  extremely well preserved but also enriched and activated.  

Traditional glass (clear, amber, blue and green) allow all or most of the visible and non-visible light spectrum to pass through.  Traditional glass doesn't offer protection against decomposition and isn't able to vitalize substances contained with in.   After working with different packaging options luminous beauty has chosen Miron Glass because of it's beauty, functionality and vitalizing capacities.

*Wildcrafted : ingredients found and harvested in their natural habitat.