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Illuminating Cleansing Powder

Illuminating Cleansing Powder

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This amazing powder purifies, oxygenates & revitalizes the skin. Hand crafted with a unique combination of Yucca, Oat, Orange Peel and Spirulina this  cleanser is rich with anti oxidants and minerals. A light exfoliant that is gentle enough to use daily Illuminating Cleansing Powder will leave your skin feeling fresh, radiant & fully illuminated.

Great for keeping the skin clear of imbedded debris like blackheads as well as for drier skin in need of exfoliation. Gentle exfoliation on a regular basis allows your serums and moisturizers to work more effectively while creating smoother more refined skin.


Yucca (root) Powder: Yucca is often referred to as the “soap root” by Native Americans due to it’s high saponin content. Traditionally used to treat (skin) wounds as well as shampoo, Yucca contains a large amount of saponins which create natural deep cleansing, and detoxifying effect. It's high in anti oxidants and has numerous anti inflammatory properties.

Yucca contains high amounts of vitamin C which aid in protecting the skin from free radical damage that can occur from daily exposures to environmental toxins.  Vitamin C also boosts collagen synthesis and has been used frequently to brighten the skin.

Yucca supports skin cell regeneration and contains high amounts of polyphenols including reversatrol which make it excellent for protecting the skin, especially against UV damage. 

Grapefruit Peel Powder: Penetrates deep in the pores and  naturally cleanses by breaking down oils and debris including pollution.

Oat Powder: Cleanses, softens and conditions the skin.  Helps fight inflammation, calms irritation. 

Aloe Powder: Anti Inflammatory, calms and soothes the skin.  Provides moisture.

Bamboo Charcoal: Purifies the skin by absorbing toxic material

Spirulina: Contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals, including the B complex vitamins, minerals such as calcium and iron, and vital amino acids. It increases cellular metabolism of the skin cells, promoting skin cell regeneration.

Use:  Scoop about 1/4 tsp into the palm of your hand add a little water and mix to form a paste. Gently massage into moist skin using pressing and rolling movements. Repeat as desired. Ideal use 3-5x per week or more as desired.  

NOTE: this is an active cleanser and some tingling sensations are normal, especially when first using the product.

Ingredients: Avena Sativa (Oat) Powder*, Yucca Glauca (Yucca ) Root Powder, Aloe Barbadensis Powder*, Arthrospira Platensis (Spirulina) Powder, Cirtus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Powder*, Bamboo Charcoal (powder). *organic