Serum Trio

Serum Trio

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Gift yourself with the ability to customize your skincare on a daily basis. An essential part of everyone's skincare artillery these three serums work synergistically to help you create and maintain truly luminous skin.

30 ml (1oz) of each of the following Serums :

  • Rose Neroli
  • Intensive Repair
  • Turmeric Antioxidant 

Rose Neroli, stimulates collagen synthesis through high potency, naturally occurring vitamin C. 

Tumeric Balancing is a superior anti oxidant oil (protects from free radical damage) and helps fight inflammation, plus our newest serum. 

Intensive Repair is ideal for healing damaged skin and supporting maturing skin—and whose skin isn't maturing?

Kit includes a full size (30 ml) of each serum in a miron glass container.